Accountancy – Bookkeeping in the Delaware State


Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a great working relationship.
Just a few things about our business. We are here for you! Your success is our success! We believe in being transparent with our pricing, you only pay what you see below! There will be no other surprise fees in your invoice. Don’t understand some of the bookkeeping jargon? Ask us!

We will break down everything so you can clearly understand the work we do!
We use QuickBooks Online as my accounting software. Not familiar with QuickBooks? No problem! We can quickly show you how to do common processes within QuickBooks.
Also, we use Excel for any financial statements you may need. We can send you the monthly statements by from the clientgate or you can just print them out from QuickBooks yourself.

If everything looks good to you, just reply and let we know so we can set up a virtual meeting!

Thank you very much!

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