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Symfalogic Corporation
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“You as a long distance runner, you struggling for success, I hold your hand unceasingly,
thus the thought gives birth to a life purpose, and you will be the from your dream then; You yourself”
Symfalogic Corporation



Welcome to the World of Symfalogic!


Symfalogic” as a brand name simply derives from the acronym composed of the first letters of the English words “Simple, Fast, Logical” as our activities and thinking characterize these words. We do our work based on the above, we believe in that. We know that our esteemed customers prefer a simple, fast and logical process, which is why we chose this name.

Our company is an Anglo-American parent company. Our subsidiaries are Symfalogic Accountancy and Symfalogic Solutions Ltd. The Corporation is headquartered in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union. Our head office is available in Leeds, England. Our company started its business in England in 2013. At that time, we only dealt with Hungarian and English company formation, headquarters services and accounting. Today, we can say that we currently establish companies in 13 countries internationally, and we currently offer accounting services in 5 of these countries.

Starting a business is always brought to life by dream, desire and hope with the intention that we can always create something new, something better. We like to be a part of this process. We like to see from an idea how a company grows more and more and how it develops month by month with our help as well. I like it when they accept our ideas and when we can do it for the success of the company. This gives an uplifting feeling to anyone. Both founding a company and accounting have their own history of development, so getting to know the beginnings provides a good foundation for mapping the future. You can find the history of founding a company at this link and the history of accounting at this link.

Building the future should always start with laying the foundations. Like building a good building. The fund is the most important. You need to find the best type of company to settle your costs. In the case of long-term thinking, the company will go through several changes over time. Change of company type, change of company name and registered office, etc. etc. This is a natural process of development. In order to ensure continuous development, it is essential to keep finances in order. And we can keep the finances in order and monitor them with accounting. That’s why every business needs accounting.

The accountant in the eyes of almost every business is a necessary “bad” that must always be paid… Just like the tax. The tax varies from country to country, so we can offer our clients plenty of leeway when it comes to managing assets legally. In such cases, we often offer the option of starting a business in another country and our accounting services in that country as an option to take advantage of the appropriate tax opportunities and loopholes. The primary goal of almost any business is to make a profit, so the more countries we set up and / or book, the more opportunities we can offer our clients to keep and increase their assets.

We love challenges. We also make the most of situations that seem impossible, and every situation can be saved, no matter how deep or lost it may seem. Our services are stair-centric, which means we only offer services that can be followed before and after. By doing so, we create benefits and value.


Our Services:

(they vary from country to country, so please contact us about that topic)

  • Self employed registration
  • Company formation
  • Company sale
  • Acquisition of a company
  • Company merger
  • Company modification
  • Delete company
  • Registered office service
  • Postal address service
  • Interpretation
  • Registrations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll accounting
  • Tax refund
  • VAT
  • Pension
  • Domain name registration
  • SSL Certificate
  • Hosting service
  • Creating Company website
  • Creating Mobile APP for IOS & Android
  • Provide free Email address
  • SEO optimaisation (for pages created by us)


Who do we recommend our services to?

To everyone in the world who:

  • Want to start / start a business
  • Looking for an accountant
  • Want to build and preserve wealth
  • Want to save money
  • Want to buy without VAT
  • Want to become stronger in your own market
  • Want to build international relationships

Our Service areas:

    • United Kingdom
    • United States
    • Germany
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Panama
    • Croatia
    • Bulgaria
    • Cyprus
    • Israel


Our advantages:

    • We have our own newsletter (https://symfalogic.news)
    • We speak 6 languages
    • We currently provide services in 13 countries
    • There are 19 accounting packages
    • We have 720 satisfied customers
    • We have been working in accounting since 1999
    • Since 2013 in England
    • Since 2018, the IFCFA Association elected us as a key member

Our Guarantees:

    • 100% money back guarantee on some of our start-up services
    • 100% comfort guarantee
    • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our staff:

    • Mr Gabor Nemeth
    • Ms Eniko Villanyi
    • Ms Cveta Szterjopulu
    • Mr Attila Kepner
    • Ms Krisztina Irsay
    • Mrs Gabriella Juhasz
    • Ms Szilvia Szabo
    • Ms Vivien Liszek
    • Mr Szabolcs Liszek
    • Mr Attila Szilagyi


Our Bank Details:

Our current accounts in British pounds


   PayPal accounts:



 Symfalogic Corporation

 Bank name: Lloyds Bank

 Bankfiók address:  1/5 The Broadway, Crawley, RH10 1DU, United Kingdom


 Sort Code: 30-92-38

 Account Number: 44261568

 IBAN: GB98LOYD30923844261568





 Symfalogic Accountancy Ltd

 Bank name: Barclay’s Bank

 Bank address: 90-92 High St, Crawley RH10 1BP, United Kingdom


 Sort Code: 20-23-98

 Account Number:  43932575

 IBAN:  GB53 BUKB 2023 9843 9325 75

 Swift/BIC code: BUKBGB22




 Symfalogic Solutions Ltd

 Bank name: HSBC Bank

 Bank address: 9 The Boulevard, Crawley RH10 1UT, United Kingdom


 Sort Code: 40-18-22

 Account Number: 42374021

 IBAN:  GB63HBUK40182242374021





















Social Responsibility:

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Some reviews from our existing customers:


    • “… Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt and correct work in founding our company! We are glad to implement our plans together with you! Sincere thanks: …”
    • “… thank you very, very much for your work and help. It’s unbelievable to me that you have helped us with so much work with information. We can’t be grateful to you !!! …”
    • “… If you are starting a business, Symfalogic is the best choice! …”
    • “… I have to apologize to you for the letters I have written. you have helped me so much that I have never thanked you once before… I would like to take this opportunity here and would like to thank everyone for the many help you have emailed me so far. You wrote the answers to my questions with great patience and exhaustive thoroughness. Thank you very much… .. I remain with great respect …. “
    • “… I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of the company for their most helpful and precise work. Special thanks …”
    • “… Thank you for your patience and help! It is reassuring to have someone to turn to for meaningful help …”
    • “… thank you very much again for your continued help and excellent work! …”
    • “… We would also like to thank you for your attention and work in recent years. I am impressed with how much attention you pay to the customer. We are happy to work with you …”
    • “… in this way thanks again for the quick administration and help …”
    • “… What I can offer with full confidence is Symfalogic Corporation Company. They are maximally helpful and precise. I have to say that I have never met a more professional company like Symfalogic …”
    • “… There are many accountants who have knowledge and experience; we chose you primarily because you handle situations in a lifelike and flexible way and always come up with practical solutions. This is a very big difference between an accountant and an accountant … “




“… If you are starting a business, Symfalogic is the best choice! …”

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